September 26th & 27th
with Vedic Astrologer, Philosopher, and Teacher, Jeffrey Armstrong 
This two-day intensive will demystify the Yogic Science of Ayurvedic Body Types, and give you practical tools and answers on how to establish balanced and harmonious relationships in every aspect of your life. read more...

August 30th — Back to Basics
Reconnecting with the Surya Namaskars
Jessica Carry will breakdown the Surya Namaskar (aka Sun Salutation), focusing on the alignment of these foundational poses, as well as variations and transitions between the poses. We'll look at how to modify poses for the specific needs of your body while staying in the flow of your class, as well as guidance on jumping back and forward with ease, keeping the shoulders safe in chaturanga, and much more! get early bird pricing...

let YOGA ROCK your life!!
new students! $30 for 2 weeks unlimited!
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The mission at Yoga Rock Studios is to provide a safe and friendly place for people to come as they are and transform their bodies while expanding their heart.  We believe that healthy bodies, and happy hearts lead radiant and abundant lives.

You’ll love the way your body looks and feels with a regular yoga practice. At Yoga Rock you'll feel supported to stretch into the awareness of your body with out judgment and ease into the perfect physical regime that suits your life.

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